Online Marketing For Insurance – 4 Vital Keys To Success!

Online marketing for insurance is one of the best ways to put your lead generation efforts on autopilot. Online marketing offers you the flexibility to set things up once; optimize it once in a while and enjoy the leads that you get over and over again. Unlike other marketing mediums, you don’t have to constantly get out there. It’s easy to set up, costs less compared to other mediums and is extremely effective.

Online marketing for insurance leads can be cut-throat if you don’t know what you are doing. Most insurance agents do not understand how online marketing works. They end up trying a thing or two and fail.

They give up accepting the fact that online marketing doesn’t work. The truth is, online marketing does work. It’s one of the most effective forms of media for marketing your insurance business. But before you can be even remotely successful with it, there are certain vital keys that you need to follow.

Here are the four vital keys to success that you must follow in order to achieve success with online insurance marketing…

Develop Your Concept – The first step before you can build a website is to develop a concept or your USP. How does your business or service stand out from your competition? If you create a just-another cookie cutter insurance agent campaign, you’re dead before you get started.

You need to offer something unique to your marketplace. What specific problem of your audience is your product or service willing to solve? It takes severe brainstorming to develop your concept. But once you develop it, selling becomes extremely easy.

When your prospective customer visits your website, they are always going to wonder “What’s in this website that’s not anywhere else?” People ask this question regardless of whether it’s online or offline. You can easily come up with your USP by studying your competition. Find out what your competition is saying and simply go against it.

Your Sales Funnel – There are actually different ways to build your online insurance marketing sales funnel. You can have an appointment form to fill out on the landing page directly or you can use a lead magnet to capture their email, follow up with them and then fix up an appointment. Both kinds of sales funnels have their own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to test them out.

Developing a lead magnet (free white paper) that solves a particular problem your target audience is experiencing can help you build trust with your customer audience early on. If you fix an appointment with them after you give away the whitepaper, you can sell much more easily.

Be Willing To Spend – Once you have your concept and sales funnel ready, it’s time to test your offer. You need to be willing to spend money and generate at least 500 – 1000 targeted clicks before making any decisions. Once you generate about a minimum of 500 visitors of targeted traffic, you will have some leads. You may or may not have converted some of these leads into sales.

But it will give you an idea of how things are. The mistake most insurance marketers make is that they are not willing to test more than once. But remember, things are not going to work out perfectly when you do it the first time. It takes multiple tries to get anything right. You need to be patient and give it another go. I recommend spending about $1000 before making any decisions based on the ROI you have.

Keep Continuing – So you’ve spent about a thousand dollars, gotten a bunch of leads and are about to close a couple of them. Now it’s time to study your campaign. Is your campaign profitable? If not, don’t give up hope yet. With the first test, you are just trying to break even. The results from the first test can help you tweak your concept and sales funnel better to resonate with your audience and sell much more easily.

This is another mistake many insurance marketers make. They tend to become complacent and fail to follow up on the leads they’ve got. They also stop taking the necessary steps to attract more leads. Never ever become complacent just because you’ve found things to work well. You need to keep continuing this process until you have more leads, more appointments and more sales than you can HANDLE. That’s the only way you can become massively successful.


Insurance Prospecting – 4 Surefire Keys To Generating More Leads And Closing More Sales!

Do you want to succeed with insurance prospecting? Do you experience a hard time finding new prospects that you can sell life insurance too? Are you having trouble closing your prospects? If so, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Closing insurance leads can be extremely tough with the insurance company breathing down on your neck. If you don’t have qualified leads that are already pre-sold to buying from you, you’ll only be able to close a few sales here and there. Despite of purchasing tons of leads from lead companies, you won’t be able to get anything much out of them.

Here are the surefire keys to generating more leads and closing more sales with insurance prospecting…

#1 Stop Looking For Leads, Try To Get More Appointments

The single biggest mistake agents make while insurance prospecting is that they look for more leads. This is dead wrong. You may have 100s of leads… But all those leads are of no use to you if you can’t get an appointment out of them. The leads you buy from lead companies wouldn’t really help you close appointments.

Just think about how many appointments are you able to get out of the leads you purchase from your insurance company? Are you happy with that number? If not, then it’s time to think twice before buying leads from the company.

Focus on appointments. It doesn’t matter where you get your leads from. Try to fix up an appointment with them. There are a lot of ways to generate qualified leads where your prospects are ready for an appointment. I’ll cover those ways shortly.

#2 Use Personality In Your Marketing Strategy

People prefer a particular brand or service to another because it has personality.

Let’s say that you went to a restaurant and asked for a coke with the waiter. The waiter mentions that they only have Pepsi and there’s no Coke available. Without even thinking twice, you’ll order Pepsi.

You did that because there was personality. Even though you have a preference for coke, you actually ended up buying Pepsi because of the human element involved.

The human element is a MUST if you want to succeed while selling life insurance. Create a personality for yourself that resonates with your target audience. Talk to them. Brand yourself in all the advertisements you use. Find elements in your personality that people can connect to.

#3 Market Yourself Online

The fastest and the most affordable way to generate qualified, pre-sold life insurance appointments is through the internet. Online life insurance marketing can be cut-throat if you don’t know what you are doing. But remember, there are a lot of life insurance agents who are making a killing out of online marketing because they applied the principles.

There are basically just three principles to online marketing success regardless of the product you are selling – Traffic, Conversion and Optimization.

Traffic is attracting the kind of prospects you’d like to sell life insurance to your website. Conversion is all about converting the traffic you are receiving into appointments. And optimization is constant improvement of your Traffic and Conversion efforts.

#4 Have A Surefire Marketing System In Place

If you don’t have a website already for your insurance business, get one now immediately. If you already have one and haven’t made much money out of it, consider this for a moment.

Was your website really designed by someone who knew how to sell life insurance online? Like most people, you’d have had your website designed by a graphic designer who only knew about creating beautiful websites. I’m sure that he/she had no clue about creating websites that sell life insurance.

Start learning. Study your competitors to find out what kind of marketing system they have. Consult or work with a coach. There are also certain programs where you can get the training and the websites for a particular price. Get the training and develop a surefire marketing system in place for your life insurance business.

Your online life insurance marketing system has to consistently focus on the 3 core principles of online marketing – Traffic, Conversion and Optimization. You need to have a constant flow of traffic to your website and a conversion system in place to convert that traffic into pre-sold appointments. And finally, you’ll have to optimize your campaigns regularly (weekly) and improve its performance.

If you have these systems in place, all you have to think about is closing sales with the appointments you get. Insurance prospecting cannot get easier than this.

Insurance Websites – Getting Your Insurance Website To Generate Leads

Do you find that your insurance website isn’t generating enough leads? Are you sick of having to depend on your lead companies for all of your leads? Do you want a sure-fire way to generate hot qualified leads from your insurance website? If so, pay close attention here.

Getting your insurance website to generate hot qualified leads day in and day out can be cut throat if you don’t know what you are doing. It can be overwhelming when you start out. Eight out of ten insurance professionals tend to be overwhelmed by internet marketing and give up soon after they start. Just like any other skill set, online marketing cannot be learned so easily.

It takes time, practice and skill to get your insurance website to generate high quality leads on a continual basis. But once you crack the code, you will have a skill with you that will allow you to print money on demand. You can generate targeted prospects to your websites every single day regardless of what niche market you are in.

With that said, here are sure-fire tips to get your insurance websites to generate more leads

1. Define your audience – Your insurance product may be catering to different audiences. Some of the products may be targeted towards middle aged family men, some towards middle-aged women and some towards retired seniors. Certain products may target all markets. Your job is to identify the one demographic group that is most likely to buy your insurance product.

Define your demographic audience on paper. Unless you know who you are targeting, you will never be able to create messages that resonate with them. So choose one niche – A group of people that you’d like to serve.

For this example, let’s define our ideal audience as: Family men over 35 years of age who hold managerial positions who seek ________ or Computer engineers over 30 years of age with family who seek ________

2. Identify what your audience wants – Your audience is likely to have various issues they experience from time to them. They’ll always be seeking for a solution to solve some of their challenges. If you take “working family men”, you’ll find that these people would be looking for investment advice, advice on how they can save for their children’s education, advice on how they can save on taxes, etc.

There are various things your demographic audience may want or do. Knowing them can help you resonate your messaging with them and convert them into clients faster.

3. Identify where your audience hangs out – Identifying where your audience hangs out (the websites) and advertising on those places is the only way to attract high quality prospects into your funnel. Just refer to the earlier example and think for a moment as to where you’ll find our audience hanging out:

Family men over 35 years of age holding managerial positions: Investment forums, investment advice sites, tax saving sites, Expense saving websites, etc

This will take some time. It’s not a one-day task that you can accomplish. This is something you’ll have to keep doing over and over again. The better you know about your target market, the more easily you’ll be able to predict which websites they actually hang out at.

4. Contact owners of such websites – If you are using Google Adwords or a similar PPC advertising network, you’ll be able to target multiple websites within a niche easily and get your ads exposed. Plus networks like Google Adwords allow geographic targeting allowing you to minimize costs and help increase your ROI significantly.

But there may be some websites and mailing lists which aren’t readily accessible. Some of these sites are often a gold mine. Just one email blast or advertisement could get your website streaming with 100s of hot qualified leads. Contact them individually and get in touch with these website owners. Have them run a test advertisement for you for a nominal charge. Test things out.

5. Create an agent network – Some of the websites that you contact individually may not offer geographic targeting. But still… these websites could be a potential goldmine for leads. This is why it is highly critical that you have a wide network of insurance agents.

It’s easy to network with insurance agents in other neighborhoods, cities and states. You’ll find plenty of Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups where you can network with such agents.

Get in touch with these folks, talk to them about the marketing strategies they use and suggest some of your own.

They might split up with you for advertising especially for those solo ads on individual websites where the pricing maybe something you can’t afford. Alternatively, you can sell these leads to them if you have money to test upfront.

Of course, none of this stuff even matters if you don’t have people visiting your insurance websites…

Here’s the #1 secret to making that happen

3 “Hidden In Plain Sight” Reasons Why Your Online Insurance Marketing Sucks…

In this post, you are going to discover some things about insurance marketing on the internet that you won’t hear anywhere else. And you’ll see exactly why these things will prevent you from ever being successful marketing for insurance online.

So buckle up tight and prepare for the ride partner…

This is going to radically change your business and your life forever!

Reason #1 Your Online Insurance Marketing Sucks

The biggest issue that insurance professionals miss the boat on when it comes to developing insurance marketing strategies, that actually work, is understanding your ideal prospect. 99.99% of all insurance professionals think that their ideal prospect is everybody. That’s a cardinal sin in marketing.

You can’t possibly craft a marketing message that appeals to everyone. As the old saying goes, “what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander”. Here’s what I mean: everyone buys a product for a different reason. Bob might buy life insurance because his parents did and that’s what he thinks is the right thing to do. Jim might buy life insurance because he wants tax advantages.

Now if you tried to craft a marketing message that used the appeal of “buy life insurance because it’s the right thing to do”, you’d attract Bob, but you would miss out on Jim.

It’s a person’s personal experiences that shape the appeals you can use to market your product. That’s why it absolutely crucial to clearly define who your target prospect is. Then you need to analyze your prospect’s common personal experiences and beliefs to find out what the most wide ranging desperate problem is in their lives.

That’s how you can craft an appeal that will get the most amount of people to respond to your insurance marketing message. It will also attract in exactly the person you want because it’s crafted to do that. You won’t have to worry about getting “unqualified” leads because you’ve already pre-qualified them to a certain extent with your marketing message.

To sum this up, your insurance marketing sucks because you don’t really understand your prospect and speak to his desperate problem that you can solve in his life.

Reason #2 Your Online Insurance Marketing Sucks

Now this reason that your insurance marketing is not successful has to do with the fact that you don’t do anything consistently. All marketing, especially insurance marketing on the internet, HAS to be done on a repetitive basis because people are very rarely ready to buy when you want them to. You have to stay in front of them so that you are there when they are ready to purchase and that takes numerous contacts.

Here’s what renowned sales trainer Jeff Garrison has to say about this (<==click link to see his full article that is excerpted below) :

“You can count on it taking at least six contacts on average to get anywhere with a prospect.

Here is the takeaway.

1) Don’t give up on a prospect before six touches.

2) Start tracking to learn what is required for you to get your first appointment, a needs analysis conversation, a sale, or whatever you believe to be an important milestone in your sales process.

3) Build those “touches” into your lead nurturing/sales process. Make it as automatic and consistent as possible.

4) Experiment with the type and timing of your touches to see if you can shorten the process.”

Very few insurance professionals that I know ever make it to that 6th contact. In all of my experience, I’ve found that 80% of the sales are made after that point! So if you aren’t consistently marketing and following up with people, you are leaving way too much on the table! It’s no wonder that so many agents fail…

The 2nd piece of this pie is what Jeff talked about with automating these contacts with your prospect. You have to leverage the internet to put systems in place that do this stuff on autopilot for you. Because it’s just not feasible to pick up the phone and continue to call a whole bunch of people. Plus you have to vary your types of contacts. Here’s a resource that can help you do this: Click here

Reason #3 Your Online Insurance Marketing Sucks

This last reason you aren’t being successful with insurance marketing on the internet is pretty straight forward. You don’t know the three strategic pillars of internet marketing and how to apply them in your business.

You can’t just throw up a website and expect to start getting leads. I know that a bunch of so called experts say that you can do that online, but that’s a bunch of crap. You have to carefully construct your website around the knowledge you have of your prospect. Building your offer, wording, images – everything around speaking to his desperate problem and how you can solve it for him. Along with loads of proof that you can back up your claims.

This all contributes toward pillar #1 of online marketing, conversion or getting people to take the action that you want them to take on your website. Conversion doesn’t happen by chance. It only happens from a deep understand of your prospect and a carefully constructed marketing message that hits a number of psychological buttons.

Only after you have a properly constructed website can you begin pillar #2, which is driving targeted traffic to your site. Your site can have any conversions until it has people visiting it. And it won’t have any people visiting it until you start doing things that get them there.

Pillar #3 is optimization. That’s the scientific process of analyzing the data on your website and applying tweaks to make everything work better.

As you can see, no body is talking about this stuff because it’s difficult to understand on the surface and it’s even more difficult to master and implement. Here’s a place where you can get all of these things simplified for you: Click here